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BBGsite Forum Rules

In order to create a warm, friendly and positive DC community, we have established some general rules for forum users. Please read the rules carefully and follow them.

  • 1. Be nice to everyone.

    Communicate with other users in a polite way, even if there is a conflict between you.

  • 2. Keep the focus.

    Please post threads in the appropriate board. Otherwise the threads will either be moved, locked or simply be deleted.

  • 3. No advertising and other types of spam!

    To keep BBG forum a clean place, please do not post advertising or other types of spam just to increase your number of posts.

  • 4. Keep things simple and easy to understand.

    Please try to use simple words to express your idea. Don't use all caps or special characters to draw attention.

  • 5. No double posting!

    Post your message once, to the appropriate board and nowhere else.

  • 6.No illegal content!

    Neither content relating to sex, violence, gamble, drug and race, gender and religious discrimination nor illegally copyrighted content should be contained in your forum signature, personal profile and posts.

  • 7. Respect the moderators.

    They are friendly and willing to help you. If you have a problem in the forum, turn to the respective moderator. Please be respectful and polite when communicating with the moderator. If the moderator can't help you, send an email to forum@bbgsite.com.

  • 8. Keep the size of your signature down!

    Otherwise, your signature will be deleted.

  • 9. English is the language used on this forum.

    All posts must be in English. Do not communicate in other languages.