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Why can't I stream on this PC?

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Intel-Core i7-4790 @ 3.6 Ghz
AsRock H97 Fatal1ty

These are the specs of my computer, and I can't stream CS:GO in 30 FPS on basically the lowest settings possible despite having over 250 FPS in-game. I used to be able to stream 60 FPS in CS no problem, and once I got back into streaming again and downloaded OBS, I realized that my PC couldn't even stream anymore? If I turn any FPS above 30, even sometimes on 30, I will get a notification in the bottom left saying that says WARNING: High Encoding CPU Usage or something, but my CPU usage on my Task Manager is only ~60%.

Is this a bug with OBS or is my PC actually just too bad to stream CS because I don't really think it isn't. I've seen people stream fine on worse PC's.

The problem is the stream is really laggy and just pauses and is really choppy. How do I fix this?

Thank You!!!

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Quick Reply : Why can't I stream on this PC?

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