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Crazy Car(Facebook)

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Had you played Crazy Kart before? Had you tried this content-liked game Crazy Car?
Crazy Car a car racing game that can be played by other players.

Its been in Facebook quite 4th quarter of last year and its one of the growing game in Facebook.

Game FAQ and features:
Application Link:

Other Players Screenshots

[align=left]Care to try?


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I might give it a try, even though I don't really like racing games.

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    I've recently tried the game for awhile. Unfortunately, I don't think much of it.

    What I dislike in it:

    -Vehicles are very silent Seriously, if you have your music on, you can barely even hear your car and the sound it makes is really...what's the word for it... silly...or at least something of the sort.

    -Laggy servers. The servers the game uses seem to be quite laggy and sometimes even buggy. For instance, in the middle of a race somebody warps close to you warps in front of you and steals the power-ups you were aiming for, because the server took some time to tell you that the person is ahead of you. For a racing game, that's not acceptable. Sometimes you might even experience problems logging in (at least I have), though nothing major...YET.

    -Lack of customization. There isn't a lot of things that you can buy, even less if you don't want to spend real money.

    -ALL that you purchase (applies to both real and in-game money), get from a quest or get in any other way are only TEMPORARY (they are rented for a certain period of time only, from 1 to 30 days). I can understand when some of the items are temporary, but not when all of them, especially the ones you buy with real money. And I actually hate it when I can't actually purchase something and keep it, especially when I have to repurchase the same thing every 24 hours (most coin items from the shop are rented for 1 day each). When I purchase something like character clothing, I expect to be able to keep the items (at least some of them), instead of having to repurchase them everyday.

    -Real money character clothing give bonuses during races.... No comment...

    -Not much of a story going on, at least as far as I've seen.

    These are just some of the things that I disliked in the game. There are probably more things worth mentioning, but haven't crossed my mind yet. Though I can say that it's really annoying when someone (more than 1 person to be precise) hits you with 5 various slow downs in a row (missiles, UFOs, lighting etc.). But since that's just bad luck (at least that's what I think), I haven't mentioned that in the list.

    Though I do like that you are also able to play solo to get a feel for the maps before you play them with other people or to complete quests in peace.

    I also do like some of the clothing options that are offered, too bad that it's only rentable, otherwise this would have been a reason for me to enjoy the game more.

    So, in conclusion, this isn't the kind of game I'd recommend to other people, but, of course, you're free to try it yourselves and share your opinion of the game, which might be different from mine, and maybe even try to oppose my opinion.

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