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Butif you are the locks reduction over the whole top andras fiber the top, whichis more widespread than you may think, then you may need a few thousand graftsto fill in the region. It is really sound judgment but if you have a large spotto handle then the cost will be more. Another variable is contrast in shadebetween the locks and the top. Most individuals don't andras fiber think about this but ifthe contrast between the two colors is large then it is going to take a lotgrafts in to steer clear andras fiber the top shade from showing through andthus looking like you have the locks decrease. The worst andras fiber thisissue is when one has black locks on a very fair or white go. Many moreindividual grafts are needed for this than if your epidermis aspect and tressesare more andras fiber the same shade. The thickness andras fiber the locks atthe donor place is also important.

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