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Why is that when i play online, example ddtank, there is a missing picture

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Are u known on the set up of ddtank?it has shortcut keys to use to attack to the opponent. In my case it is missing.  I owned a laptop at home .Last June 11,2011 before i play the game i clear recent history. And after i log in, i saw the trouble on my account. I always update my abode flash player. I reported it to the provider of this game which is yoogames but then they never replied to me. I also downloaded latest google chrome version just to fix the problem but it didnt worked. Even using moxilla firefox did nothing to solve my problem. I opened my character on a computer shop but there's no problem, shortcut keys are present. I play with other ddtank provider like fbmmrg,game234 and areiagames it is still the same like yoogames.I also install updates on my laptop which is required but then its nothing. I didn't know what to do. Is my internet connection has the problem or there is an application needed for it?. I really need your help.

Thank You!!!

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    Quick Reply : Why is that when i play online, example ddtank, there is a missing picture

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