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Crew Recruitment for New Summer Adventure

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Ninja is lonely, but the greater ninjas always have friends aside after legendary adventures! Now, we’ll challenge a new grand navigation era. As the greatest chapter of Pockie Ninja is about to launch, let’s bid farewell to lone fight and recruit comrades alike to team up the crew, exploring the legendary treasures!

        To celebrate the start of the summer holiday and play Pockie Ninja with more friends, we are going to put out the event of “Invite Crew On Board” to grant you more fun and rewards. There will also be luxury mystical rewards waiting for brave ninjas to claim. Let’s go for it!

                                                                                >>>>>>Join the event<<<<<<

        Event Duration: June 4, 0: 0: 01- July 3, 23: 59: 59

        Event Details:

        A captain must need some crew! Spend this summer holiday with three crew members and win awesome prizes! You can sign up to become a captain and get your own invitation link. If you bind your server, have three crew register through the invitation link and create characters, you'll receive rewards and even more bonus by accomplishing certain tasks!

        How to become a captain: Bind the server, use exclusive link and invite 3 crew members to register accounts and create characters;

        How to become crew: Register the account through crew’s link and create a character on the server that captain binds;


        1. If the captain invites multiple crews at the same time, then the first 3 ninjas that register the account will be the crew;

        2. Formal crews please go to event page to timely punch in and verify after completing the tasks every day. Punching in may take time, so please be patient and wait for the verification to succeed;

        3. If you failed in punching in for several times or verifying the result, please contact our customer service timely and make sure your server is what the captain bound to!

        4. Captain can know crew's task progress by checking the logbook. Please urge them to complete tasks every day to obtain more gift packs; If the captain finds the crew registered account but not bound the characters, please timely contact us.

        5. Game321 reserves the final interpretation right of this activity.


Edit by Gsimenas:

Added the source of the information and put it in quotes, because the author must have copy pasted this from the official event page.
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Moved to the Pockie Ninja board, since this topic is clearly about a Pockie Ninja event.

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    Quick Reply : Crew Recruitment for New Summer Adventure

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