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Pockie Ninja II Original

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1. What's Pockie Ninja II Original?

Pockie Ninja II Original will be launched at Mid-Summer and it's a new game, and after Pockie Ninja II Original Open Beta launched, Pockie Ninja will upgraded into Pockie Ninja II. All players can enter the Pockie Ninja II game world.

2. I'm a Normal/Regular/Free/Paid Pockie Ninja Player, how can I enter the Pockie Ninja II Original?

You don't need to do anything when we upgrade your data to Pockie Ninja II, but if you are willing to play the Original version of Pockie Ninja II, you need to start over again

3. When the game upgrades, is there any changes in the server domain and the official site?

There's nothing changes about Pokcie Ninja's domain and Official Site. However, the Pockie Ninja II original will have a new Official Site and its new event series.

4. Is there any data will be wiped during the upgrade?

All Pockie Ninja's players' data will remains the same before the upgrade maintenance.

5. Is there anything changed in-game after the upgrade?

We've added Pockie Ninja II Original's all NEW system in upgraded Pockie Ninja like Forge, Gamble, Clan, Bankai, Wings,

4th Wars and more in the future. However, Pockie Ninja II Original will not apply any data transfer and Pockie Ninja's Events. e.g. You cannot buy Pockie Ninja Official Site's any Gift Pack nor Top-up bonus and/or Monthly Card in Pockie Ninja II Original. And those TWO GAME's event is totally separated.

6. What's the different between Pockie Ninja, Pockie Ninja II Social and Pockie Ninja II Original.

Pockie Ninja:

Awesome events in summer and awesome updates including all new stuffs in Pockie Ninja II Original.

Pockie Ninja II Social:

New Naruto-Based Social Game launching in July and only applies on Facebook.

Pockie Ninja II Original:

New Naruto, Bleach and One Piece based RPG game with fully upgraded Graphs Engine and have its own Events.

source: Official staff announcement

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