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Which voice will expose you in CS:GO(D)

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When the flame burns the player - it sounds

This is no doubt that the fire is to have a sound, through this voice can also determine the location of each other.

About character action sound

Running - sound

Steady / squatting - silent
First run, jerk and squatting the problem, CS: GO all running are sound, cs go Roulettewhether you are on the ground, climb ladder, the water is a voice. Similarly, as long as you walk or squat, then whether you are on the ground, climb ladder, the water is no sound.

Jump in place - sound

Silent in silence - silent

Jump to a higher position (no press the static key) - sound

Jump to higher (press the static step) - silent

Jump to higher (jump does not press the static button, press the air) - silent

On the jump, do not press the static step (default Shift), and do not use silent jump skills, are sound. And silent jump is the use of control feet from the ground height difference principle to achieve a silent jump. In addition to jump to height, such as jumping on the box and other operations, whether you are the first step to jump again, cs go Verweiscodeor the first jump in the air and then static, there is no sound.

Set mine bag / dismantle mine bag - sound

The game whether it is T mine package, or CT dismantling mine bags are sound. So when the mess, you can leave by false or false mine bag, to kill the rushed to attack the enemy.

In the CS: GO sound is a very important factor, the master is the details of the fight, when you accidentally miss a voice heard by the opponent when you have lost. So I hope you players in the game to learn more than the use of Shift skills, not sure the surrounding environment under the premise of not letting footsteps, which is you from the Meng new, and become the master of the most important part of the process.

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