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Steel: Defeated SK just like breaking curse

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For Immortals, SK Gaming is their nightmare. cs go Coin Flip But in yesterday's game, Immortals defeated the demons, in the cache to 16-10 score beat SK promotion game semi-finals. After the game Immortals players Lucas "steel" Lopes accepted the interview.

In the Americas Minor you runner-up. From North America to Sweden, how is it? Are you ready?
After the kNg team, we felt that the job was getting more and more. Although not to 100%, but our direction is right. And kNg together with the game full of confidence.
Against the mousesports, the beginning of the score is very stalemate (5-5), but after winning the key points, you big score 16-5 end of the game. What do you think is causing your outbreak?
I can not remember that honestly. It was hard to start at the very beginning. In the past with mouz fight is also true, they are very tough. When the score came to 5-5, I remember a round I killed four mouz players, after that, I am more and more confident. I think this is the reason we broke out.
Before you have never been off the line under the game SK Gaming (online record is 3 wins and 14 losses), before you what you look forward to?
I feel relieved. For us, beat SK seems to break the curse in general. I think from now on, we can in more games against SK.
Cache is one of your strongest maps, but not a strong map of SK. Do you think SK's map choice is not a problem? Is this great for you?
This is helpful to us because we have finished playing cbble. SK watch the whole, they know our new tactics in the CT side. I do not know why SK will choose cache. With kNg joined, now in the cache we can resort to double sniper tactics. There is no doubt that cache is one of our strongest maps.
New kNg this outstanding performance, whether it is sniper or rifleman, he is very adaptable. Does he better adapt to the team than fnx, can he replace felps?
Steel: fnx is a legend, we learned a lot from him. The kNg is first a sniper. But kNg always says 'though I'm a sniper, but I also know how to use a rifle, I can do anything in every corner of the map'. So when he wants AWP, he will buy AWP, and when he wants to use a rifle, he will buy a rifle. It depends on his own.
What is the current sniper's position on the team? If kNg as a sniper when the performance is getting better and better, hen1 will be the main spy? What do you think of it?
We have not considered this. Theoretically hen1 or the team's main spy. The team did not determine the deputy spy, as long as the feel, even if I will buy AWP. Our team division is not rigid.
Boltz once again become the command of the team, this change is what time? What is the difference between his command and your command?
After the game in Kiev, we made the adjustment. Boltz take the initiative to assume the command of the task, he adjusted our tactical style, the enemy is difficult to judge our actions. He also likes to learn opponents, after he becomes a command, our performance is better.
In the case of SK, there is a Bureau of SK selected B point rush, and you are to prevent B points. How did you interpret the SK move?
This is after the pause. If we lose, our economy is finished. SK is using a short gun, so we guess they will choose fast rush, so we chose to re-B point, successfully blocked the SK's attack. Mainly boltz credit, but I and lucas have the same judgment.
KNg is your rookie, you have also mentioned horvy the same future limitless, for the Brazilian CS status how do you see?
I think we have a lot of talented players who have not yet been explored. Such as horvy, in my opinion, he is great. We also know that other players, such as paiN clan chelo. He is like ScreaM,  cs go Coin Flip Seiten with amazing aiming ability. If they gain more experience in North America, then chelo is likely to be the next star.

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