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Mourinho: it is too wise to sign Lukaku in advance

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This summer, fut coins Paris to 222 million euros a recordtransfer fee from Barcelona forced to dig Nemal, since the deal is completed,the entire transfer market has completely changed. Followed by Barcelona to 150million euros to buy the price of Dengbei Lai, Paris to 180 million euros (rent+ buyout) the price to buy the Mbapi ... ... all this everything in ManchesterUnited coach Mourinho seems to be Crazy, this madman can not help feeling, butalso for Manchester United feel lucky, because in Mourinho seems, if ManchesterUnited in the last day to sign Lukaku, then, at least to spend 150 millionpounds.
"I think this (early sign of Lukaku)is a very sensible decision, we think the longer the delay is likely tochange." Mourinho in an interview with the media so preaching, "sincethe After the transfer of the horse, the whole market has changed, and the priceof the players has become very crazy.
"In my opinion, if we finish Lukaku'stransfer on August 31, fifa ultimate tea coins we will have to spend £ 150m at least, and Matic may besix or seven million pounds. Now Lucca and Matic In the transfer market atleast worth 200 million pounds, and Manchester United early to determine thetwo transfer is indeed a lot of money. "Munirio continued to preach,"Nemal changed everything, if the current world standard king Or Borgba's words,then Kutiniao may have been transferred to Barcelona for £ 101 million. "
Indeed Manchester United in this summer to 75million pounds of the price of the purchase of Lukaku, to 40 million pounds tobuy the price of the mate. One thing is certain that if the two transitions inthe transfer market closed before the moment to complete the words, thenManchester United really want to spend a lot of money wasted. From Lukaku andMaji this season's performance, Manchester United's decision this summer isstill very wise.
At the same time, Mourinho also talked about hiscontract with Manchester United, the fans view, Mourinho is a "short-termcoach", which Mourinho also gives their own views: "people say soBecause I always jump from one club to another club, they have their reasons,but I do not think so.I am coaching when there is always a long-term planning,when I left, the new coach will Standing on our shoulders, so this is not just'short - term coach' so simple.

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