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Ronaldo the third time wins The Best FIFA Men's Player

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Withoutdoubt! 2017 FIFA awards ceremony on the last big prize in the world of footballannounced, Ronaldo Ko Messi and Nei Maer like to coronation. Won the WorldFootballer of the Year,  buy fifa 18 coins Ronaldo next goal is to win the Golden Globe, ofcourse, this award is almost no suspense.
Overthe past year, C Lo continued the outstanding performance of 2016, when he ledReal Madrid won the Champions League championship, then help Portugal won theEuropean Cup championship, and then won the World Footballer of the Year andGolden Globe; this year, Ronaldo's performance continues Out of the ChampionsLeague, C Lo in the knockout outbreak, 1/4 final two rounds scored 5 goals tohelp Real Madrid out of Bayern Munich; semi-finals, C Lo back to back to helpReal Madrid beat 3-0 victory in Madrid, the first leg Will be basicallydetermined to qualify; final, Ronaldo Mei opened twice, to help Real Madrid 4-1beat Juventus, successfully defending the Champions League championship;knockout, Ronaldo scored 10 goals, the final 12 ball over the Macy, won theChampions League Boots.
Inaddition to helping Real Madrid to become the Champions League restructuring,the first to achieve the defending team, Ronaldo also helped Galaxy warshipsalso won the La Liga Champion, the Spanish Super Cup and the European Super Cupchampion and other honors. Many key games, Ronaldo have excellent play, as RealMadrid's savior. In the data, C Lo may be inferior to Messi, but in honor,Messi and Nei Maer can not be par with CR7, in addition he also helped Portugalto get the 2018 Russian World Cup tickets, the entire series crazy crazy 15balls! Good data + key game decided to win + honor burst table, so Ronaldofinal KO Messi and Nei Maer, won this year's World Footballer of the Year.
(1996,1997 and 2002) and Zinedine Zidane (1998, 2000 and 2003) became the first towin the honor of the world. Most of the players; before that, C Lo in 2008 and2016 has twice crowned World Player of the Year. C Lo has also become the thirddefending player of the World Player of the Year award, before the two arelegendary Brazil, in addition to Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho, which was elected in2004 and 2005. As the World Footballer of the Year and the Golden Globe wasonce merged, which also let Messi career so far only won the honor.
For CLo, the next is to compete for the Golden Globe, although this award is nosuspense, certainly his. If Ronaldo won the World Footballer of the Year andGolden Globe in 2017, then the personal honor will go beyond Messi: GoldenGlobe, both get 5; World Footballer, Ronaldo 3 times coronation, Messi only 1crowned. If you count UEFA best player, Ronaldo's advantage is greater, he wonthis award three times, while Messi only two coronation. buy fifa coins

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