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Saving and Recovering Game Progress

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I've got a problem with access to my account in Paradise Bay game. I have been playing this game since the end of year 2015 from my phone (with Android OS). I always used one device and one account to play this game. After I download and setup the game I transferred it to MicroSD to free some space on the phone. Last Friday the MicroSD broke and I cleared (formatted) it. Then I reset and totally cleared the smartphone (I really needed to do this). Then I activated the same google accout on the phone, downloaded and lunched the game, but the game started from the 1st level (and I was at 70th level).
The main problem is that the game was not connected to a Facebook account. And it was not connected to a Google play account as well. Actually I have no Facebook or Google play accounts. When I now tried to connect to Google play in the game it offered me to create a new account, I created it - and now my new 1st level game connected to my new Google play account.
Now I ask you to help me to recover access to my old game.
On 26-Dec-2016 I've made a purchase in the game, after the payment I've got the following information: Number (GPA), Date, Transaction ID, User ID. May be some of this information will help you to help me to get back my island?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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Quick Reply : Saving and Recovering Game Progress

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