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MapleStory Magician Problems?

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Hello, I am new here. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I've decided to play with the Luminous class, however there are numerous questions which really got me mad and that I hope to be able to receive some aid.

When beginning in the Maplestory Mesos World, Mia has a quest for you at Level 5. For me, I had been to talk to Grendel at Ellinia's Royal Library, but once I clicked the quest title to finish it, nothing happens and the quest remains "unresolved". How can I "resolve" this? I notice this tendency occurs for various other NPCs; not sure when I want to name some of them if it happens just to me.

Upon reaching Level 18, I unlock the "Marbas the Demon" Quest. It was totally different from that shown in YouTube videos from 5, 6 years back. Is there something that I did wrong?

Additionally, upon leveling up, I never got to spend any points in my Skills in any way. They look very weird to me since they seem to be all maxed out, and I have 0 Skill Points regardless of how many times I level up. I'm also not able to use any of the skills despite being classed under Luminous. Can someone identify and help me here ?

Can there be a class manual I could refer to, that is up-to-date and (especially) for the Luminous class? I'm playing [censored the title] if this helps in any way. I am hoping to be able to get back into the game. My birthday in two days and I really want to enjoy this couple of days with great MapleStory! I was introduced to it by a friend. I didn't know it was prohibited.

I think it'd be quite cool to give shadower a skill that does this to control enemies. 1 additional thing I would love to grow this skill is that MS2 Mesos in case you press the skill again to prematurely end the bind, the shadow explodes into fragments which impale monsters and dealing damage.

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