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Purpose of the Forum rule & F.A.Q. board

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This is a recently added board that's dedicated to all BBGsite related queries, guides and for explaining some forum rules in detail (like what's counted as an advertisement etc.) to make it clear when a moderator can and should moderate users' topics and/or replies. This board was created, because none of the already existing boards were actually meant for queries about BBGsite itself, so a lot of topics related to BBGold, uploading avatars etc. were hard to moderate, since they were off topic in all boards. That's why I suggested making this separate board to not only make it easier to moderate topics, but to also make it easier for all new users to find useful guides and information that will help you understand how BBGsite works.
This board will also be used to report spam to help us moderators find the spam that slips through us or unjust moderation, like, when a topic is deleted, edited or moved without a good reason. You can also post here if a moderator has moved your topic and you can't manage to find it. Just remember to post the title of the topic, so we'd know what to look for. Topics that are deleted are actually sent to a recycle bin and can be restored at any time, so whether your topic is deleted or moved, we should be able to find it.

I'll start posting guides in a little while, but if you need a specific guide posted as soon as possible, please post under this topic, so that I'd know what guides to focus on first. Thank you.

Also, this board is also meant as a place where you can post questions concerning BBGsite, so feel free to start a new topic, if you have a question about how something in BBGsite works. Though if you'd like to report a bug that you found on BBGsite or you'd like to offer a suggestion that you think would help improve BBGsite, please post at the following board:

Thank you for reading and enjoy your time here at BBGsite.

Quick Reply : Purpose of the Forum rule & F.A.Q. board

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