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YoYoGames/GameMaker, Make Your Own Games Now

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YoYo Games provides a free hosting service for any Game Maker games — by early January, 2008, over 11,000 user generated games had been uploaded. The website has an instant play feature so people can play games online (similar to Adobe Flash), and allows games to be downloaded if the individual creators choose so.

As of July 2009, Game Maker is at version 7, released on February 28, 2007. The Beta version for Game Maker 8 was released on July 3, 2009. It still incorporates the use of Direct3D, allowing the use of limited 3D graphics, and adds limited support for simple 3D models. Converters make it possible to use more popular 3D formats such as .3ds, and .obj for use in a 3D project. It also supports the ability to create particle effects such as rain, snow and clouds.

Game Maker is available as an unregistered version ("Lite") free of charge and a registered version ("Pro")

he new website from which Game Maker can be downloaded is Game Maker's runner program has improved over the years and gained wider functionality, particularly in the graphics area, allowing for easy alpha adjustments and blending settings for sprites and other shapes. Starting with version 6, Game Maker has adapted to use DirectX 8, making some of these effects possible, though it has led to an increase in the system requirements.

Game Maker itself is not limited to the functions and abilities included in the Game Maker Language. Game Maker games can load and use DLLs for additional functionality. The community has developed a variety of DLLs to extend Game Maker with things such as socket support and MySQL connectivity. As of version 7, the new extension mechanism allows users to include DLLs, GML scripts and action libraries in pre-built extension packages.

There are many tools for Game Maker including the Library Maker, a program to create libraries of drag-and-drop functions, and the Extension Maker, which allows for the creation of scripts and functions in GML. Several resource packs can be downloaded on the website. The older versions are also available for download.

Lite and Pro editions

When downloading the software, only the Lite Edition is free of charge. In the Lite Edition of the software, fewer functions are available and some demo games, such as Asteroids, do not work as they use functions that are only available in the Pro Edition of the software. The Lite Edition is free but displays the logo of Game Maker and gives a limited availability to all the functions written on the Game Maker software. The Lite Edition of the software lacks some functions, such as basic 3D game making, playing music from a CD in the CD drive, extended graphic options, such as transforming the image to a new size/shape, and creating a particle system which gives the option to create some effects such as rain, explosions, fireworks and sparks without downloading third-party extensions and scripts.

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You can make your own games
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WOW, thank you for your good job, garik12!

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    Thanx that you like it
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