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Little Ninja SEA Open Beta IS Arriving Soon

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Little Ninja SEA is an online game in which its Gambunny Global product, which is a new thmes,picture beutiful web games,game themes and characters are taken from the popular world-famous Japanese animation,game artists are well-built Q-2 body design,with authentic Japanese animation style will make you love at first sight,while the LittelNinjaSEA also designed a variety of innovative gameplay ever.Try to make LittleNinjaSEA bring unprecedented experience for the player
In Little Ninja SEA, you'll play the role of a ninja who is entrusted with a missionto defeat the most vicious and destructive evil forces. You need to protect Angel City, rescue sealed animals and restore the natural balance through efforts and extraordinary ninja skills. Meanwhile, some untold secrets in the Demon City will be gradually unveiled as well.
Little Ninja SEA is the game released by Gambunny Global. Its closed beta was finish few weeks time. All data will be wiped when the beta test ends. By then, Little Ninja SEA official website, Facebook and dozens of listed Cyber Cafe and Bookstore Outlets will give away Newbie Card. Please be aware that Newbie card are free.
LittleninjaSEA official webside:
LittleninjaSEA Facebook Fanpage: Http://
LittleninjaSEA Facebook App:
LittleninjaSEA Official Forum:
Customer Service Email :
The open beta of LittleninjaSEA will start at 11-August-2011 . We work day and night to try our best to launch the open beta soon as possible. Therefore, you can enjoy the game immediately.
        Because of your high enthusiasm and participation, the server may be very busy. Thus, there will be some problems, such as log in failed during a short time or log in very slowly. We suggest you to log in at different time point, choosing the time when less people in the game, especially the very beginning of the open beta. It is normal to cost a quite long time to log in the first time as location difference. Please be patient. The network connection speed may be slower in Southeast Asia because of the earthquake influence. Please be more patient.
        If there was an abnormal landing, please try these means first:
       (1)Please wait two to three minutes during your first logging in.
       (2)Clean the cache of your browser and log in again.
       (3)Try another browser.
       (4)Make sure that your Adobe Flash Player is no lower than 10.0.
        If you still could not log in after using those means, you can submit your information to game support.
        Needed information: account, location, browser, and log in time.
Thanks for your attention and sustain all along, we will try our best to improve the game. We believe that LittleNinjaSEA will be better and better with your support.

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little ninja sea? or pockie ninja?

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    sometime I play apb cash

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    So its available in south east asia too! XP

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