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New game: Wargame 1942


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Wargame 1942 is a new strategy/empire building browser game that is set in World War II. The game gives players the opportunity to build up their base, research and develop different tech, and build up their army in order to survive and fight against enemies. If your version of fighting is with words, then build up your allies and defend each other against enemy attacks, and crush those who oppose you.The game is actually the successor to Playzo's first attempt of releasing Wargame 1942 in 2006, and the new and improved version came out this year and is currently being published by Looki Publishing.
Wait, isn't this where I would pick a nation or something?
Something that did catch me a bit off-guard and I wasn't too thrilled about is the creation process of your character in the game. You don't do the normal bit of selecting a preset avatar, picking a nation you want to represent, and all of the other options that normally go along with the beginning of the game. Instead, after you're done creating your account, you're thrust into the world with nay an option of your own in sight; until you actually get in the game.
This may sound trivial, but the reason this does bother me is that your base is located in an actual continent, this isn't like the fantasy world that most empire builders take people to. Some people, like me, would like the option to be able to choose the continent we are based in, but here you are put on a random one of the games choosing.
No real tutorial, but something a bit better
The game does not have the normal tutorial that you tend to see in most games, some character that is meant to guide you in your start in the world and get you off in the right step. The closest thing to it in game is the quests you get which set you to achieve certain goals in game, or to answer various questions about the game, which it tells you were to look. This is good for the basic introductory for the game, since it tends to get you a bit more involved and actively trying to remember those random bits of information that is normally tossed at you in dialogue bubbles you may have not read.

But that isn't the better part of the deal that they have for players, instead they have already set up various sources filled with the information you need in game. The producers have set up a wiki page which already showcases most all of the information you are looking for from what certain weather readings mean to the complete stats of a unit you're looking to buy. I don't normally see these for browser games, and this was a special treat which I enjoyed and helped me a lot in getting started.
And so we wait.
Empire building games are aimed primarily at the casual gaming audience. It is apparent in how they are played, that they're not for those who wish to sit a few hours a day playing it. This is no exception, in fact it did feel at times that the waiting was a bit more than you would normally have. To elaborate, in about two days of normal play I was actually able to start my attack on some other bases. This was of course while I was building straight to the objectives in order to unlock the basic GI Soldiers for the attack. Now, these are just the basic soldiers, who are fairly weak compared to the other troops and vehicles that you can unlock. This was due to some of the build time's early one which one even exceeded around seven hours.

One thing that could make matters possibly worse is that you are limited in how many things you can construct at one time. At present you can construct one building, do one research, and train one set of troops at a time. Upgrades to buildings are counted towards the construction phase. Now initially I found this to be a horrible thing. Typically in these games you're given three to five slots for queuing up your buildings. It lets you progress a little bit faster, and just set up a lot of things to build while you go off and wait for more resources to build. But after diving into it a bit more, I figured out why that wasn't such a big deal.
See, while the game limits you to building one type at a time, you can build as many of that type as you can afford, as long as the total doesn't exceed the cap amount of that building type. It is also actually more productive to build more of one building type at a time than it is building single one. So say you want to improve your income and decided to build up your factories. The normal duration for building one factory is 51 minutes, and the price goes up by 20% for each one you construct. So, say you want to build ten of them. Instead of being eight in a half hours to build them, instead it only takes around an hour and eighteen minutes. Now this still has the same sort of limitation that other games of this type have, but allows you to progress in a way, a bit quicker than some.
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Surprising depth in some areas.
The game does surprisingly well in that it does have a bit more depth than a standard empire builder that you would run across. This tends to make you think out your actions and the order of which you will build things, more than trying to build a million low class units to take out someone else, because frankly this won't work and you will be stuck with zero units and an empty resource pool.

Unfortunately in the game it does lack an actual battle sequence when you send your units off to attack or defend. The game will give you the time of the attack and the outcome, but you have no real control over the battle. Instead of that however, you are given ways to play a more strategic way than you would with other games. Typically in a lot of the more generic empire builders, numbers can win over all, which is unfortunate. Fortunately though, the same is not the case with this game as that strategy would fall flat on its face. They set in place and actually have a chart to demonstrate, the relationship between units. Using the two lower tier units the GIs and the Snipers as an example; GIs can attack other GIs but cannot attack Snipers, but Snipers can attack other Snipers and GIs. This continues on throughout the rest of the unit types and gives you a bit more planning on how you may want to attack and with whom.

Battling with others also has its own unique pros and cons. In most all of the empire builders I have played, when you send off your troops you have two goals, to crush them and to jack their resources. This game shares the first goal, but the second goal is a bit different. Instead of taking their actual resources like money, oil, or gold; you instead take their buildings or can actually lose your own. Yes, you can actually lose your own building by attacking someone and losing. So this makes you plan out a bit more who you're going to attack and with what. This is actually possible through the spy system they have in place in game. You're able to make Agents and Storks (a plane unit used for spying) to spy on different aspects of who you're going or may be going against. They can be used to show you the units' defense, attack units, and resources. So it is very advisable and useful to do this before attacking anyone.

The game also features a rather impressive tech tree for different units for you to invest in. The amount of buildings you will have may total around 15, and does not include how you multiply each one, but when it comes to developing units and defensive capabilities, it gets a bit impressive. You can develop over eight types of units each category of ground, water, air, and defense. This gives you a lot to work with for different attacks, and when you do mix that with the contingency table which shows you the relationship between units, you do have a lot to play around with.
Okay, so now I'm broke.
Something that really stood out as odd for me in the game is that is that once you recruit troops, the only ways to get rid of them are to either send them off to be killed, or sell them off in the trade center. So say you got a little crazy with recruiting troops without calculating how much they would actively cost as part of your army, you could in effect actually go into the red in your budget. The odd thing is, that even if you are in the red, the ramifications seem to only be that you cannot build further; you still keep that troop count, and continuously get further down into the red. So if that does happen, it can make it very hard for you to recover from that, since you wouldn't be able to recruit troops or even do anything else but attack and defend till you're back in the green. It would have been nice to actually discharge units, even at the loss of the unit and no return of the resource.

This game is definitely not for everybody, this is the type of game you may play in a few burst a day, but not spend all day or even a few hours staring at. This is for the casual gamer who wants something rather involved but not have to spend a lot of time to do it. What it does present for its target market, it does fairly well with and is a good entry into the Empire building genre, and is also well worth the try for World War II buffs.

In depth tech treeDoesn't have much to do once you build
Game that works well for those who only want to invest a little bit of time each dayBattles feel hollow
Wide variety of units to buildNo way to get rid of units unless they die or someone buys them
Detailed manual and in game guides that give you all the information you need

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    Wargame 1942 (also known as Desert Operations) is a new browser-based strategy game featuring the historical WWII. Set in the European battlegrounds during that war, it places players in the role of Commander who develop bases, research techs, build army, and maneuver both military and diplomatic power to survive and grow in the thick of war. Return to the frontline of WWII and make an impact on it.

    If you conceive the possible gameplay from what it’s described in texts, you expect a standard strategy game you are familiar with; yet to sign in to check it out, it simply doesn’t fit in your conjecture. It doesn’t provide the top-down structure shown in call of gods or the base-centered view seen in ministry of game, but presents one level screen that covers most of its systems.
    The opinion on its interface can be divided. On the one hand, it looks flat and lifeless with the entire screen pieced up by panels showing the construction spot of base or texts of building description; and on the other hand, it is informative and direct with the necessary info like structure functions all listed in the same screen, saving the trouble of cutting scenes to check.
    At start, the storage of resources – crude oil, gasoline, diesel and gold – are zero, but a certain amount of Money is offered as starting capital. Constructing buildings costs Money only. As indicated in the base panel, you click to build what the marked plot is pre-set to be built on.
    First is the Resident building, wow, which takes 26m 24s to complete. Too long? Wait to see what’s next, 1h 6m for Multi-family house, 2h 12m for University, 3h 18m for Barrack, 5h 9m for Arms Factory, on and on. To top it off, you can only build one at a time. Why so? It’s because it increases the odds you use money to get quicker, more comfortable playing. You can complete a building instantly by spending Diamond, premium currency. While you are given 15 diamonds to start with, they are soon used up after the instant building of three or four buildings. Then in what style to continue playing is up to you.
    But once you have set up one building, you finish the construction faster if you are to build more of the same building. It doesn’t take x-times to build x amount of the structure and meanwhile the x-amount just takes one slot with an utmost amount limitation though. To build the factory, for instance, you need 36m to construct one factory, but only 39m for two and 42m for three. In fact, you will know this shortcut if you follow the mission list.
    There is no direct tutorial; instead, the listed missions are sort-of guide. Some missions introduce the basic mechanics, like depositing Money in the Bank to get interest or University for research of ground, air, sea and defense units, etc.. The beginning missions not only include requests of adding structures to base but also feature some easy game-related questions like how many Achievements are in the game, what follows Arms Factory in the building Tech-tree, or which building the hanger belongs to. Answers can be found in the game wiki and usually reward you Diamond, while other forms of mission, once completed, win Money or add structures to the base.
    The base is shown only in a fixed area. While some missions require extra construction of a certain type, you don’t build them in separated plots but click on the first built to add. The building types suit the modern setting well, and serve their same role as in reality. Base is filled by the limited yet necessary facilities, but there are a rich variety of ground, aerial and maritime units and vehicles to research and train. Moreover, it provides many setups to enrich the game experience, such as winning various titles by completing certain task, joining an alliance for help in base-construction and better coordination in war, and the influence of ever-changing weather on the army deployment time, etc..
    Overall, Wargame 1942 is a strategy game that gradually wins you over with its rich, in-depth game contents, though it doesn’t strike you as a particularly immersive game at first. It provides the staple strategic elements and renders them with tweaks to come to its own. If you value the strategy deployment over the wrap-up like graphics and animation, Wargame 1942 is very likely to be your game.

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    looks Interesting

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    yep, and it looks like this game will also make our brains work harder :P

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