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What Make Blade & Soul so Attractive

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It has but also fresh combat system, catchy dynamic gameplay and great satisfaction. All of that now offers Western players free to play MMORPG Blade & Soul from NCsoft, which this year went to European and American markets.

Light Bondage

Frankly, if you somehow repels modern Asian stylization or brojíte against the sexualization of characters the way to the game you want to look very hardly. After some time to come, although certain dullness and stop paying attention to clothes, but the first week, you will probably feel as if you accidentally (what else it) wandered into the club to party with friends latex.

It is in Japan panty fetish essentially a national sport, it somehow universally known. In NCSoft but probably they did not want to stay behind and tell you, trying to be what it was. On the other hand, it is quite difficult to accuse Blade & Soul of sexism - not very concealing men's version, you'll get clothes also, and there are not just a little. Usually it only needs Blade and Soul gold to buy clothes.

Final Fantasy Versus Lolicon

Once you stop grabbing the head of the ubiquitous gelatinous bouncing breasts, you will notice that it actually does not play badly at all. Under the hands begins to shape a wild storm attacks, dodges and damn dynamic action. Characters react quickly, elegant and stylish. Will particularly browning of the attack in collaboration with others? Satisfied smile guaranteed.

Fighting in Blade & Soul recalls art jam, which stood before the white-washed walls, Tiger and Dragon, Tekken and Final Fantasy XIV, while they still stood behind him several arbitrary superpower anime. The colors are definitely not shy and flowing strokes intersect in unexpected places that merged together in a surprisingly well-functioning composition.

Dance in Style

This brings us to a fundamental example which represents the local combat system. If you come to the game rich in experiences such as World of Warcraft or other traditional onlinovek, you'll probably have a slightly accelerated heartbeat had a cursory look at the list of skills.

There is really a lot. If you're used to compose their combat rotation, in the case of World of Warcraft, say the six skills, or in the case of Final Fantasy XIV should be eight or nine, there will be something to do. Character classes easiest to cast, while spinning comfortable six, seven skills, but in the case of games the most complex classes, they will need still more than twenty.

To calm fire nukes from afar? Or run such a rain punches and kicks in the face, it would be Bruce Lee blush? It's up to you. I recommend, however, the first character is really rather choose something simpler, because otherwise there is a danger dizziness and vertigo of a flood of options to deal with combat situations.

Oh, the Farm

Actually, would not anyone should be surprised when they learn that the Asian MMORPG is built on a huge portion of the grind. If you want to Blade & Soul to get somewhere, just have farmit. The game is a system where throughout refine a weapon that will get the start. Your instrument of destruction, of course, gets better and better statistics, new passive skills, and so on, but prices for improvements, especially when you reach the endgame, brutally increase.

In a similar manner, the works also upgrade all other pieces of equipment. Those at first glance, not much dressing and it seems to be, in addition to all sorts of equipment slots for World of Warcraft, rather poor. But there is no need to worry Gear pieces will eventually raise fifteen (gun, five jewelry, soul, and eight pieces of soul Shield), which is no longer enough.

If you want try Blade & Soul, Now is the best time. For more information, please go to

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