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don'tbelieve in free will I think that what we're going to do we're going to do I'msort of a deterministic ideology subscriber Bozzio my son just needs you knowjust a little bit about that I you know I wake up feeling like I'm weak and I'meiTher going to go to The gym or I'm not going to go to The gym and it justseems like There's nothing that I can Reducelant Garcinia

  do and my conscious mind to eiTher talkmyself into or out of it The same thing with The food and alcohol and you knowlike I just feel like if I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it and There's not wholelot I could do to to change that and so I knew I had this willpower and Iwasn't going to join I mean not drink I knew I wasn't gonna stop and eat but Iwanted to diminish that willpower because I was so hungry I wanted to eat but Iknew that I wasn't going to do it this is a very unique experience for meusually it's just fucking I'm gonna eat I'm hungry and I had only had 320calories so I could have stopped anywhere just count of The calories but I hadcommitted to doing The shakes so you know I didn't I just wanted to stick tothat so I stayed in The right hands what I want what I did was

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