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Best French Language Institute in Delhi

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Pragati the “N” Power French learning courses are designedby some of the most experienced and expert French scholars to serve languagelearners of all age groups. With class offerings ranging from the beginninglevel rising to the most advanced ones, we can provide a long-termresult-oriented study, prepare aspiring French speakers for overseas travel,and train youngsters to interact fluently with French speakers and in Frenchenvironments.

We can also make it possible for the students to get privatelessons in-person if they have issues traveling to our training facility whichis located in the heart of the Indian capital. At Pragati, students are givenindividualized attention and a study program which is tailored especially fortheir needs. We put our learners at ease while challenging and stimulatingtheir sample conversions and their learning attitude.

From the very beginning of the French learning course in Delhi, weencourage students but never pressurize them to exceed our expectations –learning in a free environment without the pressure to learn and perform helpthe students in practicing the new language and perfecting theirpronunciations. The students are put under the guidance of native Frenchspeakers.

All the Best French Language Institute in ConnaughtPlace & Delhi NCR, we give all the students who enroll in ourclasses with free study material which enables them to study at home withoutworrying about the class schedule. To know more about the French Course, callor visit our center and let us help you learn the beautiful language.

[size=20.0pt]Regardless of the level the studentis at, we offer:
-> Memory-reinforcing templates
-> An emphasis on conversion of the native language toFrench
-> Culture of the country as a part of the study plan
-> Small Class size
-> Methods to learn complicatedpronunciations
-> Visual Cues and Aids
-> Real Life Setting and Practical Wordplay
-> Techniques to think and converse in French

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