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Eternal Saga Gift Code Giveaway Event


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BBGsite is teaming up with R2 games to giveaway Eternal Saga gift code.

Contest Link:

Start Time: July 23th
End Time: Aug 23th

Amount of Keys: 1000

Eternal Saga Gift Code Will Give You:HP Pack (M) x3
MP Pack (M) x3
Demon Soul Shard x5
Soul Shard x5
Dragon Soul Shard x5
Enchant Stone x8
Pet Growth Pill x5

Guide for Redeem Gift Code:

1. Regist an r2games accountand then log in the game.
2. Click the bonus button located at the top right of your screen.

3. Inputyour gift code and click the 'collect' button.

Notes:Gift code may only be used once per server. The rewards obtained via the giftpack are bound.

About Eternal Saga:

Eternal Sagais a fantasy-themed, free-to-play browser game developed by 4399 Studios (China) and published by Reality Squared Games (Shanghai), will be launching their alpha phase on July 12th on the R2Games platform. Players can be a part of the alpha, which opens at 10:00 AM EDT.
In Eternal Saga you fight to save a world struggling against a demon invasion. Along your journey, you?ll build a unique and powerful skill-set, partake in epic guild battles, and raise pets to fight by your side. It?s an MMORPG that runs entirely from your web browser, and is completely free to play.
The game takes classic elements from others of its genre, but adds its own unique twists. Players start by choosing a character name and faction, and after being introduced to the main systems of the game, they?ll choose from one of three classes: Warrior, Hunter, or Mage.

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