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BBGsite Writers Recruiting

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Originally Posted by xXMarkuzXx
can you guys pm me the application for adult moderator? :D

Please don't bump up with old threads/

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How can I join to be a writer of this website.Please tell  me how I will do my best in writing about the updates of this website.I really want to be a writer someday and its start when I begin writing for BBG.

MMOsite Special Offer

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    Attention! Writers Are Being Recruited! - Established on Jan. 4, 2008, MMOsiteWriter's Club is the largest original writing organization on ...
    We are Starving for Fresh Blood: BBGsite Writers Recruiting - If you are a browser game fan who has unique views on browser games, you're ...


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    Great initiative, I think, is this still actual? I used to work as a freelance writer at , it was great and very useful experience, now I am working as a freelance writer at Upwork and sometimes work for free if the project is really interesting.

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