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Greek φαρμακε?α (pharmakeia) is sorceries or poisoning often the magical arts. It is in no way prescription drugs taken as they are written. That isn’t witchcraft Black Austin Hooper Jersey , some people need prescription drugs and the Bible isn’t against it. It occurs 2 times in 2 verses, Gal. 5:20 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] , Rev. 9:21 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] . The words “pharmacy” and “pharmaceutical” are derived from the Greek word, pharmakeia which is the only connection with the word. The root meaning of this group of Greek words is ‘druggist’ ‘poisoner’ or, ‘giver of potions’. These particular ‘sorcerers’ were persons able to prepare and dispense potions. But why did they dispense these potions? Was it in order to give relief from illness? Absolutely not! It was in order to stimulate hallucinations or visions!
Idolatry, witchcraft, (pharmakeia) hatred, variance Black Deion Jones Jersey , emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, (Gal 5:20)
Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, (pharmakeia) nor of their fornication Black Keanu Neal Jersey , nor of their thefts. (Rev 9:21)
Fallen Angels according to Enoch taught the the cutting of roots and trees, think of this in terms of the opium plant.
Enoch Chapter 7
1) And they took wives for themselves and everyone chose for himself one each. And they began to go into them and were promiscuous with them. And they taught them charms and spells, and they showed them the cutting of roots and trees. 2) And they became pregnant and bore large giants. And their height was three thousand cubits. 3) These devoured all the toil of men; until men were unable to sustain them. 4) And the giants turned against them in order to devour men. 5) And they began to sin against birds, and against animals, and against reptiles, and against fish, and they devoured one another’s flesh, and drank the blood from it. 6) Then the Earth complained about the lawless ones.
In light of this the medicinal use of wine as mentioned in Scripture several times (including 1 Timothy 5:23) cannot be compared to what is talked about in Enoch.
Where would the world be today without antibiotics? We would be back in the dark ages!
While the English word ‘pharmacy’ is indeed derived from a group of Greek words used to describe those pagans rituals and persons who used potions to encourage hallucinations in those who wanted to contact the spirit world Authentic Tevin Coleman Jersey , to suggest that modern medical pharmacists are in any way associated with the ‘black arts’ is as ludicrous as to suggest that penicillin is evil. The modern medical profession is not by any means without its faults however; because they borrowed a word which had sinister connotations in the original Greek. Nevertheless, one cannot make such a doctrine that all drugs (prescription) are bad.
And, yes drugs taken to “alter the mind and produce trances can open one up to demonic influence”. However, Paul wasn’t describing the use of medicine for what it is prescribed to do when he spoke of pharmakeia. We get a lot of our words from other languages such as Greek and Latin, but one has to understand the origin of the word. Irenaeus writing around 202 AD spoke of the word as meaning those things that “addict”, and they “without fear do such things” obviously refers to drug addiction as we know it today, not prescription meds taken as prescribed.
Irenaeus Against Heresies Book I
Wherefore also it comes to pass, that the “most perfect” among them addict themselves without fear to all those kinds of forbidden deeds of which the Scriptures assure us that “they who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”
Dr. CK Quarterman @ http:www.deliveranceministriesgroup
If I said the word cummerbund to you Authentic Jalen Collins Jersey , most people who asking what on earth that is? Don’t worry it’s not an insult; it is actually an item of clothing that is normally associated with black tie events.
Unlike bow ties and neckties, cummerbunds are strictly for high class back tie events and you wouldn’t wear them on any other occasion.
The best way to describe a <""> Cummerbund [url=]is it looks like a wide belt that goes around your waist. They are a broad sash that would be worn with your tuxedo. The cummerbund was first introduced back in the 1800’s by troops in India who would wear them to events in the absence of waistcoats. When the troops returned they brought this fashion accessories with them and it was soon a big trend with the high society and their events.
There are several rules that should be observed when it comes to wearing a cummerbund and it’s important that if you want to fit in at a black tie event that you follow these closely.
You should only wear a cummerbund with a matching single breasted formal suit.
The cummerbund should be dark in colour; dark blue or black is preferred although dark green and red is also acceptable.
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Although black is the safest option, if you are attending a wedding the colour red so long as its dark may be more appropriate.
Your cummerbund should match your bowtie. So if you are wearing a maroon bow tie, then your cummerbund will need to be the same colour.
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